EXQUISE, inspired from the French word itself meant possessing qualities of unusual delicacy and fine craftsmanship, those are the essence of what we pursuit.

Here in “Exquise Patisserie”, we believe that qualities bring the best out of a product, people and the most important of all, the best for our valuable customers. That is why, we use premium ingredients on our products and we contribute long hours to put the little details that are often missed just to satisfy our crave on these products we commonly called “little pleasures”, using a combination of culinary ability and creativity in baking, decorating and flavoring with ingredients, not many people realized that baked good requires a lot of time and focus.

It is a part of our mission to create a better quality of life that will increase people’s happiness through every occassion in human’s life, offering premium quality pastry that will suit your life festivities, either it is to celebrate, to commemorate or just to bring a smile to your loved ones.

We aim to provide our best contribution to fill the blanks in your life and to make it complete.

Because we believe that, “life deserves little pleasures”.

Happiness is best enjoyed when it is shared.